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concerning gifts, and ordinations, and the ecclesiastical canons.



John the Antiochian also calls them Canons of the Holy Apostles in Title L; and John Scholasticos, the patriarch of Constantinople, in his preamble to the collection of the Canons, speaks thus: The holy disciples and Apostles of the Lord promulgated 85 Canons through Clement.

The Canons of the Holy Apostles are 85 ecclesiastical rules concerned by the Eastern Orthodox Church for one of the most important part of the Orthodox Canon Law. Interpretation. constitutions of the holy apostles.

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The last of these decrees contains a very important list or canon of the Holy Scripture.


The Canons of the Holy Apostles: The Greek Text as Originally Printed in 1540, with the Various Readings of Later Editions; The Latin Version of Dionysius. .

15–16. This Sunday, May 28, the Armenian Church celebrates the Feast of Pentecost (Hokekalousd), the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles, and the birth of the Church.

We know the correct books are in the Bible because of the testimony of Jesus.
The Typicon of St.

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Ecclesiastical Canons of the Holy Apostles, found chiefly in Ethiopic and· Arabic ,·ersions, and also in one Greek manuscript. A Selection of Clergy Disciplines According to the Canons of the Church Some Considerations on Authority, Responsibility, and Accountability in the Church.

Canon LXXXV of the Holy Apostles.


Elements of the Apostles’ Creed are found in summaries of the faith by early Christian writers, with some lines matching word for word.