Destination: Klos (48) Neutral – Warp: 160.


programmes. For example you can upload 50 battle logs where you kill level 50 battle ships, 25 with one crew and 25 with a different crew and then it will compare the cumultive results from both crews.


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You’ll see two new LD officers, but also be able to pick up officers from previous arcs you might have missed. Go to the second rally point. As you progress through the game, following and completing the Main missions chain is crucial, as they will.

Join Millions of players -- forge alliances, defeat your enemies, and build an epic fleet to secure, or.

© 2023 Paramount Pictures Corp. A list of systems by location and lvl so I can make scouting sectors for 4 different alliances for raid scouting targets. Continue reading for a complete list of all the missions in Star Trek: Fleet Command, including the mission location, its requirements, objectives and rewards.

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I found it hard to manage the available missions.

I am currently Lvl39 and this is for what I have available in my event store rn. Officers that show up on white have the traits.

. The reward options for each mission are also listed and are color-coded to show item rarity.

You’ll see two new LD officers, but also be able to pick up officers from previous arcs you might have missed.

Star Trek Fleet Command Interactive Map.

I made this because I got tired of not knowing what missions gave what rewards.

The largest Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) information site, featuring information on ships, officers, systems, hostiles, research and more. . For me, I'm focused on the missions that grant borg nanoprobes, trait XP and away mission tokens and fortunately I have the officers that make that work so I'm pouring my trait XP into them.

. © 2023 SCOPELY. Also, the missions are fun to complete when you are looking for activities to do in-game. WPS Spreadsheet, a Free and Professional Data Analysis Tool. © 2023 SCOPELY.


They give you a nice place to put some of those. Initial Mission.

Guidance for completing the metrics spreadsheet is covered in this document.

Updated for The Swarm and Augment Zones by [KENT] Aeetes.

Star Trek Fleet Command Interactive Map.

If you use Discord, there's a server devoted to a spreadsheet (STFC Officer Tool) that one can download and use to look at, among other things, which missions require which.

Are you curious how soon you could build that Saladin, Augur, or Enterprise? With this handy, dandy calculator, you now you can know the soonest you could earn that shiny new ship.