A company owned by Cary Electronics that supplies affordable tube equipment for the budding audiophile.

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Had Signature) is an upscale version of the basic AE-3. Audio Electronics Supply AES By Cary Two Mono-blocks Single-Ended Class A Triode Tube Power Amplifiers Model SE-811. .


Audio Electronic Supply is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Cary Audio Design, begun in 1994 to provide direct sales of components, parts, and high-end kits. Audio Electronic Supply 1020 Goodworth Dr. .

Warranty: Three years parts and labor. Had Signature) is an upscale version of the basic AE-3.

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Current hours are 9 to 5, Monday to. Audio Electronic Supply.

Audio Electronic Supply web site (April 2004): The AE-3 DJH (Dennis J.
The difference is significant in all respects both sonically as well as circuitry and build.

Audio Electronics Supply AE-25 Super Amp Amplifier Price: $1200 USD assembled; $1000 in kit form.

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Audio Electronic Supply AE-1 Dual Mono Tube Preamplifier. $68. RCO Electronics & Electrical Supply, formerly known as OTIS Electrical Supply has been in the electr. . Audio Electronics is a unique electronics text in that it focuses on the electronics of audio design and explores the principles and techniques that underly the successful design and usage of analog and digital equipment. Warranty: Three years parts and labor.

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